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It is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is bounded by Caspian Sea to the east, Russia's Daghestan region to the north, Georgia  to the northwest, Armenia and Turkey to the south-west, and Iran to the south. Azerbaijan is a home to various ethnicities, majority of which are Azerbaijani, a Turkic ethnic group which numbers close to 9 million in the independent Republic of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, the nation and former Soviet republic


         Highland Park-Alley of Martyrs:  The National Assembly- also transliterated as Milli Majlis, Flame towers-the talst skyscraper in Baku. Walking through Baku Boulevard which stretches along a south-facing bay on the Caspian Sea. It traditionally starts at Freedom Square continuing west to the Old City and beyond. Since 2012, the Yeni Bulvar (New Boulevard) has virtually doubled the length to 3.75 km.


  The Heydar Aliyev Center represents a fluid form which emerges by the folding of the landscape's natural topography and by the wrapping of individual functions of the Center. All functions of the Center, together with entrances, are represented by folds in a single continuous surface. This fluid form gives an opportunity to connect the various cultural spaces whilst at the same time, providing each element of the Center with its own identity and privacy. As it folds inside, the skin erodes away to become an element of the interior landscape of the Center.


Based on Persian and Indian inscriptions, the temple was used as a Hindu and Zoroastrian place of worship.  "Atasg" is the Persian word for fire. Trip to "Fire Mountain "-"Yanardag" -a mountain on Absheron peninsula , 25 km from north of Baku. Literally, word "Yanardag" means "Blazing mountain". Blazing bodies of flame dance on stones and floor.  Yanar dag is a natural gas fire which blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, which itself is       known as the "land of fire."

mountain    Gabala is a tourist destination due to the combination of its spring climate, mountainous landscape, and diverse fauna . There are many world class hotels and resorts, most part of the Qafqaz chain. Natural climatic conditions of the region create opportunities for the development of both summer and winter tourism in the region. The northern side of Gabala belongs to the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, the central part to Alazan-Haftaran valley, the southern part to Ajinohur upland. Furthermore, the highest mountain peak of the republic- Mount Bazarduzu (4466 meters) is situated in this region.

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